Make Money Online In Home With Zero Investment: Best Free Backlink building Tactic: Want to make $250 to $750 or more per day

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Best Free Backlink building Tactic: Want to make $250 to $750 or more per day

There are a number of link building tasks that can and should be done to run a successful SEO campaign. Here are some of the tasks we offer

Directory Submissions:
We submit your site to websites that are built for the express purpose of promoting businesses. Not only do people frequent these sites when they are looking for a certain business, search engines index these sites to determine which sites are actively being promoted. Directories are like registering with the Chamber of Commerce. You may not get any immediate and direct business from the Chamber but you register with them just the same to establish credibility. Registering with live directories will establish credibility within the Internet world.


Social Bookmarks:
Social bookmarking is one of the most effective ways for search engines to determine which websites are really liked by people. The easiest way to cast your vote and tell the world you think a certain site is great is by linking to it. Social bookmarks let you create links to your favorite sites, save them so you can access your list of favorites from anywhere and share them with others. The bookmarking system then recommends new sites to you based on common interests you may have with other bookmark users.  Search engines see these shared bookmarks quickly. By using social bookmarks as a means to understand the Internet, search engines find sites that people use and like enough to share with their friends. They also discover how people categorize these sites and associate keywords with each.

Bookmarking your content in popular Social Bookmarking sites is a great way of gaining quality backlinks as well as exposing your content to a broader audience.

Competitive & Keyword Based Link building:  
These are really two names for the same type of link building. The challenge is finding links from sites that are not built to list other sites but built to be experts in their field, your field. A link from an industry expert is like a recommendation from an expert. While it’s nice to hear your neighbor say you are a shrewd businessman, to have a local banker or investment counselor say it means a lot more to prospective customers.

Competitive Link Building:  
We find sites that allow user generated content that also happen to be linking to a competitor’s site, and we link to them also.

Keyword Link Building:  
Similar to competitive link building, except we simply scour the web for sites that contain similar keywords to your site and build links there

Blog Postings:  
Due to the recent shift toward social media, search engines are placing more and more importance on the popularity of a business or website based on the size of its social circle. When most of us think of social media, we might think of Facebook or Twitter, but don’t forget the largest, oldest and still most popular form on online social media: blogs. Blogs are one of the most effective and controllable link building actions we have at our disposal. Our team of expert writers creates unique and relevant blog posts that include multiple uses of your keywords.

When search engines see bloggers posting regularly, they know they are hearing the voice of the people; not what a computer program thinks, but what real people think and express online. Blogs are the word on the street in today’s tech-savvy world. If you want to be known, you need to be blogged.