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Monday, February 29, 2016

How Google Analytics Support Works

When Google was a few years old, we wrote up a list of Ten things we know to be true. The list includes items like “Focus on the user and all else will follow” as well as “Fast is better than slow.” It would be tough to say that much of the mobile web has adhered to these principles. Users often get frustrated by poor experiences in which sites load slowly or will lock up trying to load resources that clog their data connections.
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The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) is an open source initiative that aims to address these problems by enabling content to load instantaneously and provide a better web experience for all. AMP introduces a new format that is a flavor of HTML. It’s built to prioritize speed and a fantastic user experience. One way that AMP provides reliably good page loading performance is by restricting the ability to add custom JavaScript to pages and instead relying on built in, reusable components.

Today, the AMP team announced the launch of an analytics component that will enable measurement on AMP pages. The Google Analytics team is committed to helping our users measure their content wherever it appears. So, for publishers looking to use AMP to provide an improved user experience, we’ve released Google Analytics measurement capabilities for Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP support in Google Analytics makes it easy to identify your best content and optimize your user experience.

How Google Analytics Support Works
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Analytics on AMP is handled by an open source, reusable component that the Google Analytics team helped build. The <amp-analytics> component can be configured with Google Analytics specific configuration parameters to record pageviews, events, and even custom dimensions. That configuration works hand in hand with a global event listener that automatically detects triggers like button presses. As a result, there’s no need to scatter custom JavaScript throughout your page to detect actions that should trigger events and hits. Instead, you can define which actions should trigger hits within the configuration section and let the magic of AMP do the rest.

How to Get Started

Before you get started with AMP Analytics, you’ll need to get started with AMP itself. The AMP websitecontains a great introduction to getting started. Once you have an AMP page up, it’s time to start thinking about how you’d like to measure its performance. 

We recommend that you use a separate Google Analytics property to measure your AMP pages. AMP is a new technology that’s going to mature over time. As such, some of the functionality that you’re used to in web analytics won’t immediately be available in AMP analytics right away. AMP pages can appear in multiple contexts, including through different syndication caches. Because of that, a single user that visits an AMP version of a page and a HTML version of a page can end up being treated as two distinct users. Using a separate Google Analytics property to measure AMP pages makes it easier to handle these issues.

Once you have your AMP page and new Google Analytics property set up, you’ll want to reference the requirements for using Analytics on AMP pages as well as the developers guide for instrumenting measurement.

What’s Next

Multiple technology partners, including Google Search, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn have announced that they’ll start surfacing AMP pages in the coming months. The Google Analytics team is excited to support AMP from day one and look forward to growing our offering as AMP’s capabilities expand.

Posted by Dan Cary, Product Manager and Avi Mehta, Software Engineer

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Google Adsense is very easy you will make more money just going by the rules

Learning is the most important rule In the Google Adsense program will work for webmasters to earn income
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Advertisers pay Google when someone clicks on the ads that are placed on pages that contain text. For example, if the content of lawnmowers is written, you will likely see ads from lawnmower manufacturers and / or retailers on that page. When someone clicks on these ads, the advertiser pays Google and Google pays. Of course, the advertiser is expected that the person who clicks the work actually buy a lawn mower or all the above.

In fact, Google is very strict about the integrity of this process. And forbidden to click on your own ads. If you do, you will end your Adsense account and you can not get it again. It is also forbidden to ask others to click the "Announcements". That makes sense. Why do advertisers want to pay only for your friends and family can click on your own ads when no one is really interested in buying parts or the issue of advertising.

The good news is that it is not necessary to "cheat". Google Adsense is very easy you will make more money just going by the rules. Have or write interesting content that will appear in the search engines and you have "targeted" the right people to read the ads. Just think, somebody in Indiana buys a lawn mower and get a commission!

What we do not tell others about the Google AdSense program - the most important rule
Sympathy has its limits. It is not only against the policies of Google AdSense program but if you rely on your friends and family to click on your own ads instead of working hard program, you are cheating yourself - and Google AdSense program.

In the "help" cry you can work when your kid is selling outrageously expensive candles for the end of the school year party but has no place in the Google AdSense program.

Also, if you ask people to click on your own ads, and that means it does not optimize your site for valid clicks and referrals. Use the same energy to polish your content and your site. When family and friends ask what you have done, what can proudly display their hard work. When you see how excited you are, you will see an increase in profits of reference.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Reveal the real possibility of earning $1,200 per DAY!

Get Rich At Home
Please re-read that last point about repeated failures. This is probably the most important fact to keep in mind as you’re working through ideas that can make you money. I personally keep a “Failures” tag in Gmail where, if I’m not getting at least 5 failures/month, I know I’m not doing enough.

What are your real skills, and how can you turn them into something that other people will pay for? Let’s say you have a full-time job as a project manager or salesperson or translator. How can turn what you already know how to do into $200/month, $500/month, or even $5,000/month in side income?

Earning more is about creating a process to rapidly uncover, test, and hone a series of ideas until you find the right one. Of course it’s difficult. That’s why losers whine about it, but you’re going to actually do it.

1. CLOSET RENOVATION: You can make anywhere from $100 to $1,500 remodeling closets. You’ll have to brush up on some of the new organizer systems that are available, and if you have a knack for installing things, you’ll be good at fixing up closets and giving people more of what everyone wants: more closet space. You don’t have to be a design genius to be good at this very practical business.

2. SOCIAL MEDIA SERVICE: You help individuals set up accounts at myspace, facebook, twitter, etc., and you maintain them.
3. CART VENDING: If you live in a busy area—near a bunch of outlets, for example—build a small cart and start selling. Sell lemonade, fruit salad, cookies, sunglasses, suntan lotion, but start selling. If you live en route to a busy beach, sell your goods to drivers sitting in traffic. Sell vegetables from the roadside. Sell ski wax. This is a four-season business. Pick and choose the items that you will sell for each season. Buy them wholesale. You are in business.

4. HORSE BOARDING: Some areas across the United States are known as “horse country.” If you live in or near a region that qualifies, you might consider building a stable on your property and renting it out to people who own horses but who don’t have anywhere to keep them. Once again, call your insurance company and inquire about the possibility of beefing up your liability coverage. You wouldn’t want one of your boarders to stumble in the stable at any rate, but particularly not if you don’t the proper coverage.
5. TOOL RENTAL: Do you have a basement full of tools that you are not using all the time? If you do, why not start a business renting them to people who need them for a limited time and limited use?  Use your old tools to get rich at home. Do you really need that sander hanging around all day next to your dusty wet saw? How about that dry/wet vacuum? Or that giant wheelbarrow used only once to mix concrete?
6. GARAGE CLEANING: Just about every garage in the United States could use a cleaning. Some need a complete overhaul. You can offer this service to homeowners in your community and by the time you get all the garages cleaned and straightened up, it will be time to start all over again. You can offer additional services, too, like stain removal, painting, building shelves, etc.
7. PET PHOTOGRAPHER: If you like animals and enjoy taking pictures, consider starting a business in which you photograph people’s pets. Ask local pet shops if you can display a flier offering your service. If you own a pet, drop by your vet’s office and ask if you can hang a flier there, too. If you have patience and a knack in handling animals, this could be a great business for you.

8. ASSEMBLY SERVICE: Along the same track as business number 21, but this one has you assembling items such as bookshelves, armoires, dressers and just about anything else that people buy from stores that needs to be assembled. Most people are too frustrated to read directions. This is where you come in and offer your services. If you have the patience, you can do it. You can also pick the items up and assemble them at home, and then deliver them to your clients. This way you can do it on your own turf and listen to the music you like while you assemble the goods. If you have a knack for assembly, get rich at home.

9. TEACH YOUR CRAFT: Do you engage in a hobby or craft that people have told you they would love to learn? Then why don’t you start offering classes or lessons in this hobby craft? Do you make quilts, do stained glass or build small sailboats? There is probably a market to teach this service in your community. If you don’t want to teach at home, call your local high school. You might be able to teach this class at a local high school adult education class, too.

10. NEWSLETTER: You don’t have to be a genius or even a great writer to start your own newsletter. To newsletter readers, it is much more important to digest the information that’s in the newsletter rather than analyze the writing style. For example, choose something you’re interested in, as you’ll have more fun this way, and uncover better information for your subscribers. Say you like scuba diving, but there are already too many magazines and other newsletters that focus on scuba. What if you narrow your focus to Weekend Scuba Divers—those that don’t have the time to take long vacations once a year, but who want to go every weekend. If you’re based in Atlanta, Georgia, there are probably a few places one could fly to in a weekend and go scuba diving. Okay, maybe scuba isn’t for you. What about astronomy? Car detailing? Start a newsletter focusing on something you love, something you are obsessed with and you will enjoy your business every day. You can start out by purchasing a mailing list and sending a sample of your newsletter to everyone on the list, or you can prepare a direct mail letter. Subscriptions to newsletters cost anywhere from $20 to $350 a year.

11. RESIDENTIAL CLEANING: It is not uncommon to hear that people start this business and make $60,000 in six months. They then start farming out the cleaning jobs to employees and sit back and just book the jobs. You can do it, too. Pick up a batch of cleaning supplies, place an ad and get ready to make money. You can charge $50 to clean a one-bedroom apartment and up to $150 for a house. What will your market bear? Remember, you are not doing the windows and other tasks that are only done occasionally. Your clients can hire you back and pay you additional fees to do those jobs. You are straightening up, washing the floors and doing the dishes. Place an ad and watch your business grow. Word of mouth is an excellent way to build this business.

12. WELCOME SERVICE: Is your area booming with new homeowners? Consider a welcoming service. You make your money from all of the local merchants who pay you to include them in your “get to know the neighborhood” package. You drop in or make appointments with new neighbors and tell them where the local video rental store is, whether or not the local deli delivers, where the best pizza place is, and how late the bank stays open on a Friday night. The merchants often give you coupons to present to these newcomers to help generate business. To round out all of this commercialism, you can also give the new neighbors tips on where the bus routes are, how late the library stays open, and directions to the post office.
13. VINTAGE CLOTHING STORE: You can set up a vintage clothing store in your backyard or attic. Check with the local zoning board and make sure this is all right in your neighborhood. Some towns require that you get a permit to do this occasionally. Hang the goods—they can be yours, you could have bought them, or they could belong to friends and neighbors—on a few garment racks. Host nostalgic weekends such as Return To The Seventies and display all your polyester pants, tightly knitted sweaters, and platform shoes.

14. DOCUMENT SPECIAL EVENTS: Do you enjoy making videos of special gatherings for your family and friends? Why not get paid for it? Take your video camera and start a business recording special events around town for your neighbors and business associates. Your jobs could range from a corporate retirement dinner, a school picnic, a wedding, a special town club event, a marathon, a local bands’ gig—you name it. You might need to pick up a tripod or some special light to start this business, so save the receipts. These supplies are tax deductible.

15. BICYCLE REPAIR: You can turn your love of bicycling into a moneymaking enterprise by advertising that you repair bikes. This type of business can translate into any hobby or love. If you ski, you can offer to wax and repair skis, you can refurbish rollerblades, fix or shape surfboards, etc. Take a look at your hobbies and see if there is one with similar marketable potential.

16. AQUARIUM MAINTENANCE: When people buy tropical fish and put the fish in that gleaming fish tank with the special lighting and that cute little plastic skin diver, it really does look great. But who wants to maintain the beauty of the tank on a regular basis. This is where tropical fish maintenance entrepreneurs come in handy. There are fish that can be selected for a tank that require little care and tenderness. You can learn these breeds and select them for your clients. Of course, we don’t advocate this business unless you are really concerned about the little fish. You’ll need to drop by once or twice a week, clean out the tank and feed the fish. If you maintain the tanks in, say, doctor’s offices, you’ll have steady customers. There are very few doctors or nurses who want to take on the additional responsibilities of managing the fish!

17. DJ: Do you love music and parties and people? Try starting your own disc jockey service. You’ll need a good sound system and perhaps some lights to get the ball rolling. Look into a karaoke system so the partygoers can get up and sing. Try and tie in with a local catering company so that they can turn you on to jobs. Don’t forget local parties and local events, too.

18. SPECIAL INVITATIONS: Call-igraphy is still used for special invitations and corporate events. It is available in software form for personal computers, but many prefer to hire a calligrapher that can do the job by hand. Research other special options such as using dried flowers, etc. Drop into a local art or crafts store and research the possibilities.

19. PARTIES FOR KIDS: You can start a business planning parties for children. You can buy all the party fair and drop it off, or you can also provide the cake, the entertainment and even be on hand to supervise these events. You’ll need good resources for the cake, entertainment and party goods. Advertise in local papers and at local clubs that cater to moms.

20. POOL CLEANING: Do you live in an area with a lot of swimming pools? You could start a pool cleaning and maintenance service. Pool cleaners drop by once a week to vacuum the pool and distribute the chlorine. They charge about $40 for this service. There are plenty of motels and hotels who need this service performed, too. Most pool owners have a lot of the equipment (vacuum and nets to skim the surface) so you really don’t need to cart around a lot of equipment. You can grab clients from other pool cleaners by doing a better job for a little less—or offer to do the first job at a drastic discount.

21. LAWN SERVICE: Cutting lawns is something that every homeowner must do. You can start a business offering this service. If there is lot of competition in your region, offer a discounted price for new customers.

22. HOT TUB MAINTENANCE: Hot tubs are still a big item when people build a new home. It takes less than 15 minutes a week to maintain a hot tub. You can start a business offering this service. It could be a great add on to a pool cleaning business. If you have a hot tub already, you know what to do. Drop into a local hot tub shop or purchase a book on hot-tub maintenance and get ready to distribute a flier to get your client list ready.

23. STEPPING STONES: If you can make concrete stepping-stones from a simple mold, you can start a lucrative business making garden paths for your clients. You can dye the concrete to have a wide variety of color offerings, too. Mix in some decorative stones or pebbles and you are really on to something. You can practice in your own backyard and even sell the stones you create to help build your business.

24. DECK BUILDING: If you are handy with carpentry, then starting a deck building specialty business could be the right one for you. Specialize in just a few styles and build some for your friends. (Let them supply the materials.) Use these “models” for your photo brochure or deck album. This will be your selling tool to generate business. Charge for materials and labor. Local deck builders in the Northeast charge anywhere from $15 to $30 per hour to build a deck.

25. ORGANIZING KITCHENS: You take on this task that apartment dwellers and homeowners don’t want to face.
26. FLOWERS TO GO: If you live on a street on which harried executives travel on their way home, consider growing flowers and selling them right from your front yard. It’s an easy-start business and once you reel in a few customers it will attract more and more. You should have some attractive wrap handy to wrap up the flowers, too. At some point you might consider branching out and selling potted plants and vases.

27. FAMILY TREES: Do you enjoy history? Do you like to do research? Then you can start a business tracing family histories? Advertise your service in a local newspaper or even in a regional magazine. There are software programs on the market that can help you trace family histories by plugging in a few items. You interview your client, get the answers to the right questions, and generate a fortune with your home computer.

28. BIRDHOUSE BUILDING: If you can build birdhouses, start turning them out and sell them at local fairs and flea markets. Make sure you investigate what types of birds like what types of houses. Some birds prefer a small entry hole for their doorway, and others like a larger one. Some don’t like certain colors, etc.

29. FLEA MARKET ENTREPRE-NEUR: Do you have goods to sell? Then you can become a flea market entrepreneur. You’ll need to research locations in your region where you can set up shop and sell your wares. Some flea market entrepreneurs empty their homes and attics or get their products from neighbors and friends.
30. FURNITURE REFINISHING: Even if you’ve never done this before, there are scores of books out now on the topic and dozens of magazines that teach one how to refinish furniture. You can offer this as a service and do it at your place or theirs. You make anywhere from $20 to $75 per house, depending on your location.

31. BEDS FOR PETS: If you are handy and can build, you can create fun beds for pets that resemble couches, carriages and even sports cars.
32. SERVICES FOR SENIORS: There are plenty of senior citizens out there who could use some help in getting chores done, answering mail, helping out with seasonal duties around the house and much, much more. You can start a senior service business where you help them do all of these things. Post notices around town and ask the local newspaper if they would consider putting your flier in every paper. You might have to pay a little for this type of distribution, but you will be reaching senior citizens as well as the sons and daughters of many seniors who could use a break from all the work they take on for their aging parents.

33. COLLECTIBLES DEALER: Do you love old things and love collecting? Old toys, Barbie dolls, Mickey Mouse watches, snowglobes, lunch boxes are all valued collectible items and dealers will pay a tidy sum to have these goods in their collections. We recently saw an ad for Ty Beanie Babies. Collectors looking for the one or two they don’t have will pay a fortune to complete their set. Not all collectibles, therefore, are old. Another example is the Swatch watch.

34. DRIED FLOWER WREATHS: You can gather dried flowers from your own garden and make your own wreaths from dried flowers, herbs, and ornamental grasses, hollies and pines. These could be sold at crafts fairs, flea markets or via mail order. You can also customize the wreaths to meet special needs: a wreath for a gardener could come with a pair of gardening gloves attached; a wreath for a golfer could come with golf balls or tees; and a wreath during the Christmas season could come with an ornament.

35. MEDITATION GARDENS: Create a calming space in your own backyard, such as a fountain or other water feature, bench, flowers, etc. Photograph it and use it to get gigs in your neighborhood and beyond.

36. BUY A PRODUCT WHOLESALE & SELL IT: There are thousands of possibilities online. Find something you love, like a yo-yo or a gadget and start selling at fairs, mail order, etc.

37. HOME INVENTORY BIZ: The horrible storms and tornadoes have taught homeowners the importance of keeping a good inventory log of all possessions. This audit is necessary in case of fire, storm, mudslides, robbery, etc. Insurance companies want to see documentation before they start writing their checks to help homeowners recover from tragic losses. You can do this by hand, or with the help of a laptop computer. Purchase a Polaroid camera or use another type of camera or even a video camera. You record everything your clients own and organize it into a written and photo/video report.

38. COMPUTER TUTOR: If you have a knack for working on your computer, then you might want to start a business that enables you to earn money while helping folks learn how to operate a computer. Take out a few ads in local newspapers or distribute fliers on bulletin boards around town. Don’t forget schools and local corporations. Charge by the hour or group students together and offer a group rate.

39. HOME DELIVERY SERVICE: Home delivery is predicted to be one of the hottest business opportunities of this decade and beyond. People are lazy and pressed for time. The population is getting older and more consumers want stuff delivered right to their doorstep. We’re referring to prescriptions, grocery goods, hardware, lumberyard, etc. You’ll need to tie-in with stores and shops in your region that don’t deliver.

40. COMPUTER BIZ WIZ: If you are great with a computer, consider starting a business in which you help small business owners and residential customers set up computers and perform tasks. You could compile mailing lists for them, set up their bookkeeping and accounting systems and help homeowners install software systems for their kids. You can also work on special projects for your clients, too. It might seem simple to you, but you could make money for your talent, skill and know-how.

41. PERENNIAL GARDENS: If you have a flair for gardening and if you are good at design, start a perennial garden business. You visit the home of your clients and design a perennial border for them. You purchase the plants—or transplant them from your own divided perennial garden—and actually dig and plant the garden. There are many design books available that can help you get started, but if you are already a gardener, this could be the greatest small business you could consider starting.

42. VIDEO TO DIGITAL SERVICE: Everyone has old VHS tapes around. You take them and transfer to DVDs or store on a flash drive or computer. There are transfer machines available for around $200 or less.

43. PERSONAL SHOPPER: Do you like to go shopping? Just imagine how much fun it would be to get paid to do this! You can, as a personal shopper. Lots of busy executives and harried single parents don’t have the time to shop for themselves or for others. Your service comes to the rescue. You select and choose and maybe even wrap the gifts for your clients. When you start shopping around for clients, don’t forget to call on local corporations for their business.

44. GARAGE SALE: It is possible to host a garage sale every weekend. You don’t have to come up with all of the merchandise; you can sell things on consignment or buy up the contents of homes for sale and then resell them at a profit. You’ll need to advertise your mega garage sale to generate a steady flow of customers. Try to come up with unique items to display such as a horse from a carousel. These crowd grabbers will help attract people to your garage sale.

45. HOMETOWN GUIDE: If your hometown features some unique historical monument or water mill or windmill, or if your town is steeped in history that others would find fascinating, then why don’t you put together a tour and offer it as an option whenever tourists come to town. You can dress up like a character from that period to make the tour more accessible, amusing and fun for your clients. Contact the local chamber of commerce and ask them if you could give them the tour.

46. JEWELRY OF THE MONTH CLUB: Start a jewelry making business and offer a piece each month to your customers who sign up for a yearly subscription. Sell at flea markets, fairs, community centers and online. Consider other “product of the month” businesses you can start.

47. WEED REMOVAL: That’s it. Just weeds, okay, and maybe some vines, too. You advertise in local papers, offer prices that are lower than landscapers and you take on clients. You don’t need much equipment at all, just some weed digging tools and a pruner. You’ll need barrels to cart away the weeds and vines and you must have a destination for this compostable material.

48. ASTROLOGICAL CHARTS: You can use your home computer (along with the appropriate software) to prepare astrological charts for your clients. They might want their charts done for their friends, too, of course, and you can build a nice clientele via positive word of mouth. Advertise in the local newspaper and try and book yourself as a guest on a local cable TV show. Use the Internet to search for software to help you execute this business.

49. KIDPROOF HOMES: You can set up a business in which you go into homes and conduct a troubleshooting session for parents who have young kids and babies. Are the outlets exposed? Is there bleach under the sink or other harmful chemicals within reach of the children? Could a child fall down a staircase or from a deck? These are the types of situations you’ll be looking to uncover as you help parents childproof their home from potential disaster. You’ll need to brush up on what things to look for, so talk to a lot of parents and find out what steps they’ve taken to make their homes a safe haven for their kids. You can generate additional income by offering to fix what’s wrong and to install special locks, clamps, etc., to safeguard children in their homes.

50. BALLOON DELIVERY SERVICE: Everyone loves balloons, and they are gaining on flowers in terms of items to be delivered to home or to office. Balloons are festive and fun, and you don’t need to be an artist to learn how to arrange them. Blow them up or purchase a helium tank. Take out an ad in your local paper and start buying balloons.

100 search engine techniques

This post  will give you 100 search engine techniques. The competition is fierce in the search engines. In order to get your web site or blog ranked high you need all the SEO techniques you can handle from this list. But the great thing is the search engine is also one big search engine optimization school. You can study millions of high-rank web sites and model their techniques to use on your web site.

1) You might add keywords/phrases in the html title tag. You could also model other high ranked blog site's SEO tactics.

2) You can have good linking structure. You might also clone other top listed video site's search engine tips.

3) You should insert keywords/phrases in the html body copy. You can also imitate other leading world news site's optimization methods.

4) You could purchase quality web hosting. You may also fabricate other number one wiki site's SEO concepts.

5) You may use a fast loading web site. You should also mirror other top 10 web site template site's search engine ideas.

6) You might place keywords/phrases in bold typeface. You could also copy other hierarchy portal site's optimization advice.

7) You can affix keywords/phrases in header tags. You might also pattern other high traffic web directory site's SEO instructions.

8) You should use quality web site links. You can also duplicate other top of the list web based software site's search engine loopholes.

9) You could submit link viral freebies to other sites. You may also reproduce other #1 yellow page site's optimization outlines.

10) You may add keyword/phrase image names. You should also simulate other top position web based book site's SEO checklists.

11) You might use quality internal linking. You could also study other uppermost ranked virtual world  site's search engine models.

12) You can insert keyword/phrases image alts. You might also mold other first placed video sharing site's optimization plans.

13) You should refreshed your content regularly. You can also portray other upper listed video sales letter site's SEO steps.

14) You could get authority back links. You may also match other highest listed web ring site's search engine recipes.

15) You may use doorway pages. You should also generate other prime position top list directory site's optimization schemes.

16) You might place keywords/phrases in the domain name. You could also create other top five squeeze page site's SEO resources.

17) You can use SEO optimization software. You might also similar other popular placed sports site's search engine analysis.

18) You should add keywords/phrases in the web page name. You can also use other high ranked software directory site's optimization recommendations.

19) You could write keyword/phrases in the page folder. You may also attain other top listed social networking site's SEO links.

20) You may insert keyword/phrases in link names. You should also form other leading social media site's search engine solutions.

21) You might submit linked audio to other sites. You could also make other number one service site's optimization directions.

22) You can join back link exchanges. You might also produce other top 11 self improvement site's SEO maps.

23) You should get keyword/phrase name back links. You can also learn other hierarchy search engine site's search engine procedure.

24) You could use good ratio keyword/phrases in your content. You may also review other high traffic self help site's optimization descriptions.

25) You may type keywords/phrases in the meta description tag. You should also add other top of the list sales letter site's SEO profile.

26) You might get quality back links. You could also incorporate other #2 resources site's search engine fixes.

27) You can use a good sized web page. You might also model other top position report site's optimization hints.

28) You should get tons of black links. You can also clone other uppermost ranked real estate listings site's SEO help.

29) You could make a lot related linked pages. You may also imitate other first placed question/answer site's search engine shortcuts.

30) You may allow visitor to add comments. You should also fabricate other upper listed proxies site's optimization clues.

31) You might use original content. You could also mirror other highest listed profile site's SEO strategies.

32) You can purchase quality back links. You might also copy other prime position product review site's search engine commentary.

33) You should hire a SEO expert or service. You can also pattern other top five product catalog site's optimization formulas.

34) You could use quality site maps. You may also duplicate other popular placed web hosting site's SEO coaching.

35) You may submit linked videos to other sites. You should also reproduce other high ranked product site's search engine consulting.

36) You might use keyword/phrase named videos. You could also simulate other top listed picture sharing site's optimization explanations.

37) You can use balanced placement of back links. You might also study other leading personal  site's SEO shortcuts.

38) You should link to good root domains. You can also mold other number one payment processor site's search engine keywords.

39) You could use gateway pages. You may also portray other top 12 organizational site's optimization processes.

40) You may create and link to many related mini sites. You should also match other hierarchy opt-in giveaway site's SEO blueprints.

41) You might use rewritten related plr content. You could also generate other high traffic online service site's search engine templates.

42) You can allow visitors to add content. You might also create other top of the list online mall site's optimization systems.

43) You should start an affiliate program for links. You can also similar other #3 online game site's SEO suggestions.

44) You could create a content directory. You may also use other top position online auction site's search engine rules.

45) You may purchase high traffic expired domain names. You should also attain other uppermost ranked offline store site's optimization tricks.

46) You might use related news content or feeds. You could also form other first placed music sharing site's SEO techniques.

47) You can submit linked articles to other sites. You might also make other upper listed movie listings site's search engine factors.

48) You should research the keywords/phrases. You can also produce other highest listed mobile device site's optimization tutorials.

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